Syca will join our 2017 New Year Concert

We are very glad to announce that Syca will join our 2017 New Year Concert!

Syca band introduced the Syrian music heritage in many events in Toronto and Mississauga. Their goal is to reach out to all Canadians who are interested to know about Syrian music and to give all Syrians in Canada the feeling of home.

Syca brings nostalgia to Syrians who arrived recently to Canada where they found it home, away from home. These prodigious group of newly arriving young Syrian musicians, gathered last year, act out their mission to present the Syrian music heritage to Canada. Syca was first established when Syrian refugees started to come to Canada while leaving their memories behind. Syca stands for Syrians in Canada and it is the name of the Arabic music scale at the same time. The band members are musicians who recently came to Canada carrying their traditional Syrian instruments including Esmaeel Abofakher (bouzok), Tahsin Nawfal (nay), Radwan Altaleb (oud), Adham Alkuntar (riq), Naseem Misrabi (guitar), and Rahaf Alakbani (lead singer).