Ensemble Vivace will join our 2017 New Year Concert.

We are very glad to announce that Ensemble Vivace will join our 2017 New Year Concert!

Ensemble Vivace is back to perform on the stage of New Year Concert. One of its members, Fei Ye will be the only performer who has performed on New Year Concert for 10 years, since the start in 2007. We are pleased to have aspiring musicians who support our Concert and fund-raising continuously.

Ensemble Vivace is a vibrant chamber music group based in Toronto. It consists of section leaders and members from Hart House Orchestra, National Youth Orchestra, and youth orchestras in Toronto, Vancouver, and New York. Off stage, Ensemble Vivace members are young professionals with advanced degrees or students at the University of Toronto. Orchestra. Members are Haruna Monri (violin), Fei Ye (violin), Tsukiko Miyata (violin), Kate Young Ihn Sohn (violin), Anan Guo (viola), Elliott McMurchy (viola), Shih-Lin Wei (Cello), Lee-Chia Huang (Cello).