George Elliot Clarke, a former Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate whose work largely explores and chronicles the experience and history of the Black Canadian communities of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, creating a cultural geography that Clarke refers to as “Africadia”.


ENSEMBLE VIVACE is a chamber music group consisting of musicians from the Hart House Orchestra, National Youth Orchestra, and youth orchestras in Toronto, Vancouver, and New York. Members are Haruna Monri (Violin), Fei Ye (Violin), Tsukiko Miyata (Violin), Kate Young Ihn Sohn (Violin), Anan Guo (Viola), Elliott McMurchy (Viola), Shih-Lin Wei (Cello), and Lee-Chia Huang (Cello).


Lenka Lichtenberg is a multilingual Czech-Canadian composer, vocalist, producer and a bandleader who channels the rich, intercultural Toronto soundscapes in her unique brand of world music. Alan Hetherington’s performing experience spans many of the musical genres in the west where percussion can be found today. He has performed widely in North and South America and the Caribbean and specializes in the many Brazilian musical styles.


Toronto Chinese Orchestra’s Chamber Players form TCO’s professional core. Their experience as solo, ensemble, and orchestral musicians allow them to perform the most demanding repertoire at the highest levels. Together, musicians of the Chamber Players perform Traditional Chinese music and contemporary works by Canadian and international composers. Performing artists today are Lina Cao, Kenny Kwan, and Jaimie Chan.


Leonard Gilbert is renowned for his sensitive touch, insightful playing as well as technical command. In addition to being a four times national first prize winner of the Canadian Music Competition, Leonard came to the attention of audiences after his sweeping win at the Third Canadian Chopin Competition (2010) - capturing First Prize. Leonard’s expressive playing and extraordinary musicianship have led him to perform in some of the most prestigious venues in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He was invited by piano maker Steinway and Sons to represent the brand as a Young Steinway Artist.


TEN TEN is a Japanese music ensemble led by Aki Takahashi on vocals and shamisen (three-stringed lute). Together with Kiyoshi Nagata and Heidi Chan on taiko (drums), shinobue (folk flute) and shakuhachi (end-blown flute), the trio performs original music inspired by Japanese folk songs known as Min’yo. TEN TEN refers to two dots used to change the sound of a syllable. In the same spirit, the ensemble strives to create its own unique voice for Japanese folk music breathing new life into this traditional art form.


Mark Kazakevich and Jay Yoo have been playing jazz and other musical styles together for over 3 years.  Having played in many different bands together, they have recently begun exploring what they can do in a more intimate duo setting of piano and guitar. Both of them enjoy the improvisational nature of jazz, and use each other’s musical ideas to create a spontaneous musical experience on stage.


Established in 2010, Spire was formed with the vision of creating fusion between Eastern and Western genres of music. Spire uses Eastern and Western musical instruments to perform a variety of music ranging from traditional to modern pop music.


Nandor Farkas, along with his friends Joseph Macerollo, Jeno Paradi, and Liszka Pal, is to amaze audience again with their extraordinary music of Hungarian and Gypsy culture. Mr. Farkas is an honorary life member of Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra. He is awarded with the Silvern Cross by Hungary for his contribution to Hungarian culture. His friend, Mr Macerollo, is a decorated accordion master who also teaches as a professor at University of Toronto.


A well known Romanian folkloric popular dances “DATINA” will be distributed by the Ontario Romanian Learning Association (ORLA) performing group lead by the director Viorel Rusu. DATINA is a famous dating dance in Romania and later spread to other parts of Europe. The dance performed in traditional Romanian costumes demonstrates the gorgeous culture and attractive heritage of Romania.